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We understand that working with state-of-the-art IT solutions is key to success, which is why we have developed deugro visiotrack, our web-based supply chain management system.

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The track and trace feature in deugro visiotrack allows you to obtain real time shipment information of any job file without the need to login.
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Because deugro understands the significance of having all project information available for successful supply chain management, our experts have developed deugro visiotrack. This high-quality digital platform provides you with a complete overview of all data at all times—to ensure quality, process efficiency and effective communication between all parties involved.

This Web-based supply chain management system has been created by software architects on the basis of the profound knowledge and experience of deugro experts from various industries. The system offers instant 24/7 global access to all information related to items and shipments, controllable via customizable dashboards.

These insights enable transparency throughout your complete supply chain. deugro visiotrack offers full budget control and facilitates both predictive analytics and solid financial forecasting. Identifying potential cost and time savings optimizes your supply chain, and possible challenges can be addressed before they ever occur.

The interactive nature of deugro visiotrack allows all participants to view their authorized part of the dataset. This warrants a seamless integration with or without EDI into your existing system landscape, with a fully enriched insight into procurement, logistics and transportation.

In addition, the track and trace feature in deugro visiotrack provides an overview of milestones as well as data on distance traveled. The tracking allows users to obtain real-time shipment information without logging in. Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements: deugro visiotrack supports both standard barcode and QR codes, which are printed on documents created by the system, such as for booking confirmations, delivery slips, labels and packing lists.

The built-in functionality enables users to interact and communicate with clients directly using the embedded “Share” button, which sends the tracking link by e-mail, chat function or WhatsApp. To further the universal nature of deugro visiotrack, information can be shared using common office software standards

The deugro visiotrack app—available for all iOS- and Android-based mobile phones—expands the versatility of deugro visiotrack with true mobile access to information and functionality such as the scanning of barcodes or QR code labels and the uploading of pictures and documents, all without the need for access to a computer.

Download the deugro visiotrack app here:
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Get it on Google Play

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