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QHSES – “Defining Logistics. Delivering Safety.”

At deugro, we conduct our project logistics business with the highest standards of quality, health, safety, environment and security (QHSES), integrated from the very beginning of each project all the way through to execution.

Guided by our value statement to define logistics and deliver safety, we are committed to raising QHSES performance across all levels, while constantly providing high-quality solutions and services to our clients. To achieve that, all our activities are planned, organized and performed in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner from the management top–down to the employees. And not only that: All our business partners are expected to adhere to this commitment, too.

As an international freight forwarder, it is our duty to execute project operations that never compromise the integrity of quality, health, safety, the environment and security. We uphold an ethical approach to managing and sustaining the delicate balance of economic, environmental and social responsibilities inherent in our activities. This means that QHSES is an integral part of how we perform our business.

What does quality mean to deugro?

deugro has had a long-standing tradition of commitment to quality ever since our establishment in 1924. Our standard of quality excellence has been passed down from generation to generation. It continues to remain embedded in our parent company’s philosophy today and is an integral part of deugro’s corporate strategy.

Moreover, our strategy includes the continuous improvement of our corporate culture, working hand in hand with all stakeholders. We strive to foster a sense of partnership and cooperation, so that our employees work not only for our clients, but also alongside them.

In addition, our centralized quality assurance process enhances efficiency and ensures global standardization. With this approach, we continue to design our processes to better respond to the needs of our clients.

deugro aspires to be a leading freight forwarder in health and safety practices within the transportation industry by promoting a positive health and safety culture for the benefit of all our stakeholders in every aspect of our operations. How do we ensure that?

Based on our guiding principle that global objectives are developed in harmony with a commitment to a healthy and safe workplace, deugro attaches the greatest value on the health and well-being of our employees and seeks to continuously improve their health and well-being and to support health-conscious behavior at all levels. This commitment is the driving force behind all of our health and safety goals. Because the most valuable resource in our company are our employees.

Safety First

The importance of safety within the workplace is communicated through our global intranet system and through deugro group’s policies and system procedures highlighting our commitment to excellence. This dedication to safety has led to the creation and evolution of the deugro group Life Saving Rules, which include and communicate key areas emphasizing safe working practices.

The deugro group’s Life Saving Rules are the minimum requirements for personal safety. They are key controls with which the workforce and subcontractors must comply whenever they take part in our operations. Guided by our value statement “Defining Logistics. Delivering Safety.”, it is our expectation to continuously improve the safety of our operations and all activities we conduct.

deugro’s zero-harm approach is integrated in all aspects of the business and promotes cross-functional communication of risks and hazards during all phases of a project.

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At deugro, we are dedicated to working to the highest standards at all levels. In being good stewards for the environment, deugro is sensitive to the adverse impact that our project logistics work could have on the environment. What does this mean?

As an international freight forwarder, we strive to make our service more transparent and eco-friendlier, and to make investments to not only protect the environment, but to also drive continuous environmental improvement.

For this reason, we are dedicated to performing our work at the highest environmental standards and establishing methods to continuously improve the environmental aspects arising from the company’s activities while assuring legal compliance.

To reduce our impact on the environment, we are guided by deugro group’s environmental sustainability goals, which are focused on six key areas: workplace, waste management, sustainable procurement, business travel, energy and water, and education and training. Click here to find out more.

deugro utilizes a dynamic and risk-based approach to continuously maintain a collaborative security management structure. Why?

To protect our stakeholders, facilities and business ventures from operational threats and cybersecurity attacks. 

Guided by our value statement, we develop tailored strategies to conduct our project logistics business in locations that present an elevated risk profile and to protect our employees who may travel or are assigned to high-risk locations.

And above that, we continuously improve our risk management methodologies, threat-assessment capabilities, and technical security management processes to ensure that all employees remain safe and operations secure while “Defining Logistics. Delivering Safety.”

How do we ensure our highest level of performance and QHSES?

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

Health and Safety
ISO 45001:2018