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Specialized Services

deugro is your experienced freight forwarder—and we can easily do even more for you. With our profound knowledge centered around all transport issues, we have what it takes to make your project run smoothly. Whether customs clearance, Letter of Credit management, ISPM15 handling or IT tools like deugro visiotrack, our services from experienced specialists have you covered. More than 70 offices in about 40 countries, and our high-level standards of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Security (QHSES), allow us to find global solutions and bring your project to the best end—within budget and on time.

Customs Clearance

For the smooth international transport of cargo, conscientious preparation is essential. Well-prepared customs clearance is a basis for implementing the transport within the time and budget frame.

Customs clearance requires experience, together with up-to-date knowledge of national and international regulations. An experienced partner who understands the complexity of supply chains as well as international regulations facilitates the implementation process. With more than 100 years of experience and more than 70 offices worldwide, deugro offers competent support in the implementation of customs clearance for the entire supply chain.

ISPM 15 Task Force

To support importers and cargo owners in navigating through the challenges of handling, coordinating and remediating non-compliant shipments, deugro offers a special ISPM 15 Task Force based in Houston, Texas, USA.

It’s subject matter experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience relevant to ISPM 15 and quarantine matters, including operations, field services, entomologists, customs brokers, and legal and trade compliance.

Our services encompass education and training, operational execution, coordination and supervision of shipments, including surveys of wooden packaging material at the point of origin or during the fumigation and heat treatment processes.

To ensure that potential issues are identified and addressed at the point of origin before a shipment is exported to the USA, we closely work with packing companies, manufacturers, shippers, importers and cargo owners.

Letter of Credit

International business is our daily work—and Letter of Credit is an often indispensable hedging tool for all stakeholders.

As support in this complex field, and to make the most of all the advantages for participants, deugro offers the know-how of its experts—providing deep-seated knowledge in Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600) and International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP). From Letter of Credit opening instructions to risk analysis to the preparation of documents, including bank presentation, we can support you throughout the life cycle of a Letter of Credit, no matter where you are located.

Materials, turnaround and construction (MTAC) logistics management

deugro’s MTAC Team provides the full suite of logistics provisions from the design, implementation to execution phase including close out. […] With a single team approach across different events with different logistics requirements, we manage multiple material types for multiple projects, across multiple regions at any one time.

As a leading provider with nearly one hundred years of experience in the execution of projects and turnaround events, we offer customized concepts for successful project delivery according to the highest industry standards. deugro MTAC`s approach is adaptable for multiple locations, being employed by multiple deugro offices at any one time.

Specialized Transport in the USA

With over 20 years of experience in moving high and wide rail shipments, deugro provides clients with a full portfolio of specialized railway transport expertise, further enhanced by our long-term partnerships with railroads, crane companies, and haulers.

We have longstanding relationships with transport and port authorities, including the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and we can supervise all interfaces—from ex works to the final delivery destination.

Throughout the transport chain, deugro traces the movement of each unit until arrival at the final destination to ensure up-to-date information and timely delivery.

Subcontractor Management

Within deugro’s international business, subcontractors are a supporting pillar, also as agents. It is essential for us in all our collaborations that our high-level business standards are fulfilled. This applies in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, Security (QHSES), as well as for Legal and Compliance. We always work according to the highest business ethics standards, and require the adherence to these standards by our subcontractors, too. This enables us to reduce financial and compliance risks for all stakeholders and make sure your project is always in best hands.

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