Main Equipment for the EGAT Project Successfully Loaded

On January 10, 2021, deugro Korea and some of their staff members celebrated their 10th anniversary. But there was not much time for our team to celebrate because the main equipment for the EGAT Project in Poland had to be shipped on behalf of our esteemed client Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd.! 

In mid-December, deugro Korea entrusted the MV Pietersgracht with loads in Gunsan and Masan, South Korea. The cargo totaled 249 pieces weighing 16,114 FRT and 2,091 metric tons of equipment, including one reactor of 596 metric tons and measuring 4437 x 993 x 985 cm. 

After successful loading operations, our team in South Korea shifted their attention quickly to the loading of 40 pieces of equipment totaling 15,962 FRT and 2,000 metric tons, including one propylene propane splitter of a single weight of 889 metric tons and with impressive dimensions of 9600 x 935 x 890 cm. The MV Jumbo Jubilee loaded all the cargo safely on board at Zhangjiagang, China on January 6, 2021.

Both vessels are now on their way to Poland, where the combined project team of deugro Korea and dteq are waiting to receive the heavy lift and oversize items. From there, the cargo is being transported by barge and road to its final destination at the EGAT job site in Police, Poland. Stay tuned!

From January 12 to 17, 2021, deugro Korea and the dteq project team, along with our partner Best Logistics in Poland, successfully transported the first of five propylene storage bullets, each weighing 613 metric tons and measuring 7213 x 890 x 1113 cm. They were moved from the Port of Gdynia, Poland on MV Aura to the Barkowy jetty for roll-off operations and delivery to the EGAT job site by our partner Mammoet. 

On January 18, 2021, dship Carriers’ MV Sophia arrived from China in Stettin, Poland with 2,350 FRT of cargo on board.

The project is in full swing, and we would also like to thank all our partners for their cooperation and teamwork!

MV Pietersgracht loading at Masan a total of 16,114 FRT, incl. one reactor of 596 MT and 4437 x 993 x 985 cm
The first of five propylene storage bullets, 613 MT and 7213 x 890 x 1113 cm each, delivered to the EGAT site
MV Jumbo Jubilee loading at Zhangjiagang total 15,962 FRT, incl. one propylene propane splitter of 889 MT and 9600 x 935 x 890 cm
deugro Korea celebrating 10th anniversary