Logistics Solutions

When you’re still wondering how to move it, we’ve already got something in mind. From project forwarding, general cargo services, air freight and customs clearance to inland transportation, warehousing and consulting, our experienced specialists and strong partners all over the globe have everything it takes to make sure that when it comes to moving, nothing stands in your way. Sit back, relax and watch us take care of your project. That’s what we call providing our clients with turnkey solutions.

Project Freight Forwarding

Project freight forwarding remains deugro’s core business, focusing predominantly on industries related to Oil and Gas, Energy, Power Generation, Mining and Metals as well as Infrastructure projects. We offer our clients a seamless portfolio of support services from the initial planning and budgetary phase to the final delivery and facility start up.

Our list of clients and project references speaks for itself, clearly demonstrating deugro’s proven ability to perform under the most difficult circumstances and conditions, and in the most extreme environments.

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Our core business of freight forwarding solutions is reinforced by our
comprehensive and efficient spectrum of logistics services, all with
proven track records, which completes the all-round holistic performance
of deugro. As a result, we can offer tailor-made solutions to fulfill all
client requirements, however challenging.

These logistic services include transportation, transport engineering,
group-owned equipment, re-supply logistics, IT Solutions and consulting

Air Freight Services

When time is of the essence, we transport your cargo by air. deugro applies the same unique approach to air freight as for all our other areas of business: provide our clients with seamless, full service to move a project to any location in the world. Get ready for takeoff!

deugro operates air freight consolidation hubs at strategic locations
around the globe where items are expedited and sent out and our IATA-trained experts control documentation.

Our Products and Services

We offer a wide range of air freight products to find the ideal combination of delivery times, routing, commodity handling and freight pricing for
each client.


Our economy service ensures maximum cost savings through consolidation, suitable for price-sensitive commodities with a longer transit time, average seven days door-to-door.


When time is of the essence, deugro also has the right solution. We find the most direct flight routes and schedule the earliest possible departures to reduce transit times, relying on Cargo 2000 (C2K) member airlines.


We also provide premium service to meet critical deadlines, with guaranteed fastest transit time, including express service products, aircraft chartering and on-board courier/hand-carry solutions.

Ocean Freight Services

deugro provides a variety of ocean freight services to any destination in the world. We have technical and commercial expertise, and treat each project individually with a client-centric approach. Our services include: 

When shippers do not have enough cargo to fill an entire 20-foot or 40-foot container, we recommend Less-than-Container Load (LCL) shipping. LCL refers to consolidated shipments of loose cargo that are typically boxed, palletized or crated.

This shipping option is typically cheaper due to the cost of the full container being shared between multiple shippers. Despite sharing a container with other shippers, LCL still allows for visibility and control over your cargo. 

We offer reliable and cost-effective LCL shipping anywhere in the world, with the service delivered by our professional team. 

Full Container Load (FCL) shipping is the most efficient and cost-effective container shipping method. FCL involves one shipper and one consignee—meaning you do not share space in the container with other shippers.

In order to simplify the process and reduce risk, many shippers choose to ship with FCLs while not actually filling the container to capacity.

You benefit from reliable and cost-effective FCL shipping anywhere in the world thanks to the service delivered by our team of professionals. 

The Roll-On/Roll-Off method of shipping is suitable for almost anything that has wheels. This includes: 

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Trucks and other heavy goods vehicles
  • Vans
  • Construction equipment or vehicles
  • Mining equipment on wheels
  • Equipment, including heavy equipment
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Railroad carriages
  • Specialist vehicles
  • Boats, including yachts
  • Mobile homes, caravans and RVs

We develop a tailored solution for your needs to ensure your cargo gets to its destination safely and on time.

You benefit from reliable and cost-effective RO/RO shipping anywhere in the world thanks to the service delivered by our professional team.

Breakbulk shipping refers to cargo that must be loaded onto a vessel individually, rather than in a shipping container. Due to its large size or weight, breakbulk cargo normally does not fit into a standard container.

We take care of your breakbulk shipment, including heavy machinery, large equipment, infrastructure building supplies, granite blocks, rolling stock, oil well supplies, and other various types of project cargo.

Our skilled operations team takes your cargo door-to-door, accounting for any special needs you may have.

Breakbulk and Heavy Lift Chartering Services

We combine our vast shipping industry knowledge and freight forwarding experience to offer our clients the best service possible that meets and satisfies their challenging demands. deugro operates with its own dedicated global chartering team, and our services include:

  • Superior technical and economical chartering solutions
  • Professional risk management and mitigation
  • The highest standards, reliable quality and maximum flexibility
  • Client-centric approach—whatever the task
  • Exceptional working relationships and experience with key breakbulk, heavy lift, project, bulk cargo and RO/RO carriers
  • Vessel directories and tracking systems

Transport Engineering

For all tailor-made transport and marine engineering solutions, deugro cooperates with its sister company dteq Transport Engineering Solutions, also a company of the deugro group. All heavy transports require sophisticated engineering expertise. dteq Transport Engineering Solutions is made up of industry experts, offering the most cost-effective and suitable transport solutions executed to your full satisfaction.

Combining Engineering Expertise and Freight Forwarding Experience

dteq’s engineers leverage the most economic and suitable transport solutions, executed with best-in-class equipment. We prepare qualified route surveys, professional method statements and optimized stow arrangements, including a full lashing and securing plan.

dteq Transport Engineering Solutions has everything it takes to arrange the safe and convenient transportation of heavy and oversized goods.

  • Drawings (AutoCAD®)
  • Route surveys
  • Transport solutions
  • Lifting studies
  • Lashing arrangements
  • Method statements
  • Transport consultancy
  • 3D transport simulation
  • Loading/discharge of vessel
  • Cargo preloading inspection
  • Transport monitoring, etc.

We have developed a CAD-based 3D simulation to show our clients exactly how their cargo will be transported and how any risks can be dealt with on site. This will greatly enhance the quality of the services we offer and complement our transparent business practices. This service will also make the project planning phase more efficient.

Our transport engineers will be able to present several possible outcomes and – most importantly – discard impractical solutions immediately. Accurate planning, efficiency, risk avoidance, and optimized costs for loading and offloading are all reasons why the new 3D Transport Simulation service is a great addition to what the Transport Engineering Division has to offer.

  • The deugro Group operates a large fleet of Goldhofer trailers. Goldhofer is recognized as a technological pioneer in developing and manufacturing best-in-class trailer solutions.
  • The deugro Group uses original trailer manufacturer Goldhofer software for land- based transports.
  • The Goldhofer software MODULARdata and easyLOAD provide all relevant details for the intended transport, including stability calculations, active loads, etc.

Group-owned Equipment

At deugro, you not only benefit from the services of a leading global freight forwarder. Thanks to the services and portfolio of dhaulage, likewise a company of the deugro group, you also have an unmatched variety of haulage equipment at your disposal.

dhaulage offers a broad range of heavy-haul and heavy-lift equipment. From our prime movers to Goldhofer axles, from jacking and skidding systems to specialized gooseneck and tower adaptors for the wind energy field, dhaulage mobilizes this equipment to any destination you require.

Freight Management and Re-Supply Logistics

deugro offers our clients multimodal transportation solutions via air, ocean and land.

Supply Chain Efficiency and Materials Management

At deugro, we analyze, design, simulate and implement supply chain solutions that support the unique goals of manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and investors in the oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and metal industries.

Our experts for supply chain solutions excel in designing cost-effective transportation and logistics models, and support our clients by calculating reliable freight budgets that match overall planning, sourcing and production. Our state-of-the-art IT solutions interface with our clients’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

On the whole, our freight and logistics management services include:

  • Purchase order and vendor management
  • Export packaging, warehousing and distribution
  • Supplier and cargo expediting solutions
  • Cargo track and trace by line item/article
  • Regular cargo consolidation
  • Transportation by air, ocean and land
  • Hand-carriage/on-board courier
  • Customs clearance and documentation management
  • Tax/duty exemption processing
  • Compliance practices

Our experts constantly monitor and report the supply chain KPIs to improve operations and strengthen its links, ensuring that production is never jeopardized and freight budget goals are met.

IT Solutions

deugro offers sophisticated IT solutions with the process control needed to avoid costly mistakes while enhancing client service. The system is able to handle everything from simple shipment track and trace to three-level-deep line item purchasing.

If desired, clients and their suppliers can track every milestone during the transportation’s life cycle, or view shipment events by importing the relevant data via EDI into their own enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Additionally, we can synchronize the flow of goods and information by interfacing all systems with the client’s ERP systems. Our system also includes an electronic document archive for all involved in the supply chain.

Our supply chain event management solutions have been developed for the manufacturing industry, project owners, engineering and construction contractors, trading houses and service providers.

The main benefits of these solutions include:

  • Global, 24/7 Internet access
  • Receiving/downloading of pre-alerts and photo reports online
  • Reduced shipping and overhead costs
  • Reduced errors by avoiding manual duplication of data entry
  • Elimination of missed shipments
  • Reduced time to production though integrated expediting solutions
  • No servers or software to purchase and install
  • No software upgrades to perform
  • Interaction between clients, their suppliers and deugro
  • Supply chain event transparency from product vendor to final destination
  • KPI reports on deugro’s services and product vendor performance


Investment in added value propositions. We understand that our clients’ deadlines, budgets and results are critical, which is why deugro provides Project Consulting and Logistics Management Services to support our clients in developing innovative ideas and strategies prior to project kick-off and during the execution phase. Clients rely on the experience and expertise of our consulting teams, because we know that it is our job to identify the best solutions for each project.