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Sustainable Energy

deugro has been providing project logistics and supply chain solutions within the energy industry for nearly 100 years. We continue with this long track record in the sustainable energy sector, focused on lower-carbon and more sustainable alternative energies.

deugro supports the European Green Deal by helping clients to design and innovate project logistics solutions, with the aim to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement to be net carbon zero by 2050. We do this by leveraging our wealth of experience working on low-carbon projects in onshore and offshore wind, solar, hydrogen, biomass, and carbon capture developments. And with our significant success in safely delivering millions of freight tons of project cargo for clients in the thermal power industry across all continents.

deugro stands ready to provide the best possible support to its sustainable energy clients during this period of rapid growth, expansion and decision-making.

Sustainable Energy

In the power generation sector, energy production from sustainable sources is still on the rise. deugro has a dedicated team of experts to support its clients in all phases of sustainable energy projects—from planning to execution.

Related Case Study and Inserts

deugro, in collaboration with dteq Transport Engineering Solutions (dteq), successfully delivered eight pin piles from Bilbao, Spain to Vlissingen, Netherlands as part of the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm project. The 77-meter-long pin piles, with a weight of over 270 metric tons each and a diameter of 2.4 meters, are the largest piles ever manufactured by Haizea Bilbao. 

For a Wind Farm Project in Texas, USA, deugro shipped 64 sets of wind turbine generators (WTGs) producing 2.5 megawatts of power each and with a total volume of 250,000 freight tons from China and South Korea to the USA. The shipments included hubs, nacelles, generators and tower sections with weights of up to 53 metric tons and dimensions of up to 53.50 x 3.68 x 3.09 meters.

deugro China, in cooperation with deugro USA, delivered 50 sets of wind turbine generators (WTGs) for a Canadian Wind Farm Project from China to the USA for further on-carriage to the province of Saskatchewan in Canada.

With collaboration among the teams in Denmark, South Africa and China, deugro moved 168,500 FRT of oversized wind turbine generator (WTG) equipment from China and Denmark to South Africa.

The cargo included tower sections, generators, hubs, nacelles and blades.

In close collaboration between its offices in South Africa, Denmark, the USA and China, deugro successfully moved a total of 162,634.34 freight tons of wind turbine components from China, Denmark and the USA to Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. The cargo included tower sections, generators and hubs, 60 nacelles with a unit weight of 85 metric tons and 180 blades with a length of 49.5 meters.

The 50 MW solar plant, consists of solar photovoltaic (PV) units and a single-axis tracking system. deugro’s project scope included transporting and handling solar panels, solar steel racking, and components in almost 400 40-foot containers from multiple ports of discharge to the job site in west Texas.

The Challenges

  • Significant tide changes, winds, currents and busy ferry traffic on the Amazon River
  • Steep 14% incline at discharge in Xingu
  • Vast distance – routes spanning half the Earth’s circumference
  • Difficult and complex Brazilian terrain
  • Roads affected by cargo weight and size

The government of Brazil set up a growth acceleration program aimed at developing the infrastructure of roads and dams, mainly in the Amazon area in order to boost economic growth in the region. When finally up and running, Belo Monte will be the third-largest dam in the world, behind Three Gorges (20,300 MW), China, and Itaipú (14,000 MW), partly in Brazil and Paraguay. The dam will be the main Brazilian hydroelectric plant, generating more than 11,000 megawatts of power at full capacity. The power generated will be transmitted over a 2,000-kilometer-long transmission line, able to provide sustainable energy for 17 entire Brazilian states and hence 60 million people. This amount of energy would replace the output of about eight nuclear power plants.

deugro was awarded the project for executing the transportation of the project’s phase one, which encompasses two subsequent projects. The first project, UHE Belo Monte (hydro power plant), a consortium formed by the market leaders of this segment, includes the transportation of transformers and equipment (turbine rotor and turbine shaft) from Brazilian factories to the Belo Monte complex. The second project, High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), likewise contains the transportation of transformers and equipment but from worldwide origins to two corresponding converter stations located in Xingu (state of Pará) and Estreito (state of Minas Gerais), Brazil.

For one of the world’s leading wind turbine manufacturers, deugro China and Australia moved 73 wind turbines from various loading ports in China to the construction site in New South Wales, Australia. Nine ocean-going vessels had to be chartered to ship the 210,000 freight tons of wind turbine generator (WTG) equipment, including 788 overdimensional components. The biggest items were the blades with a length of 50 meters. 

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