Our Responsibility

deugro is, and always has been, dedicated to working at all levels to the highest standards—in terms of society, ethical behavior, safety and the environment. This starts with our CEO and applies to all employees in their daily tasks as well as when cooperating with our clients, suppliers and business partners.

Compliance Systems

Our Compliance Management System (CMS) was designed to consider various international regulations and recognized standards, including the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act 2010 (UKBA), and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The CoEC and ACCP serve as the foundation for the CMS, and are reviewed, updated, and acknowledged by all deugro Group employees on a regular basis.

Furthermore, our Transport Management System (TMS) screens all shipments, specifically the names and addresses provided, on a 24/7 basis against all applicable international governmental sanction lists, in order to scrutinize each business transaction.

To keep our employees involved in our efforts to live and maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity, we also offer frequent compliance training. It is provided online and in face-to-face workshops, subject to individual risk assessments. Important announcements on the corporate intranet and local bulletin boards serve to raise ongoing awareness.

Local compliance ombudsmen, known as Local Ethics Officers, or LEOs, are available in all of our offices. LEOs receive face-to-face training by the Global Head of Legal and Compliance.

Ethics and Compliance Policy

The deugro group is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct and integrity. These standards are mandatory and must be followed at all times. To view the deugro group Ethics and Compliance Policy Statement, please click here.

Speak Up! Reporting Channel

Do you have an ethics or compliance related question or concern?

Speak Up! is deugro group’s primary reporting channel. To make it easier to raise questions or concerns securely and confidentially about potentially unethical behavior or policy violations, we have engaged Convercent, a third-party solution provider, to administer Speak Up! This resource is always available to you in multiple languages by phone or Internet.

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Safety first! At deugro, we firmly believe that our global objectives must be directly aligned with a healthy, safe workplace and environmental protection. Guided by these fundamental principles, we achieve deugro’s objectives and visions, leading by example and setting the standard for quality, health, safety, environment and security (QHSES) within our industry.

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deugro has had a long-standing tradition of commitment to quality since our founding in 1924. Our standard of quality excellence has been passed down from generation to generation. It continues to remain embedded in our parent company’s philosophy today and is the basis of deugro’s corporate strategy. We are constantly raising the bar when it comes to quality and sustainability in the systems and services we offer.

Moreover, our strategy includes the continuous improvement of our corporate culture, working hand in hand with all stakeholders. We strive to foster a sense of partnership and cooperation, so that our employees work not only for our clients, but also alongside them.

Finally, our centralized quality assurance process enhances efficiency and ensures global standardization. With this approach, we continue to design our processes to better respond to the needs of our clients.

Based on the guiding principal that global objectives are developed in harmony with a commitment to a healthy, safe workplace and environmental protection, deugro expects all our employees to make a personal commitment to adhere to these global objectives. This commitment is the driving force behind all our health, safety and environmental goals.

deugro’s Health and Safety, as well Environmental Management Systems are part of the deugro group’s Integrated Management System (IMS), which is aligned with the standards ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

deugro is committed to making decisions that develop and maintain excellent and respectful relationships with the neighborhoods and communities in which we operate. We uphold an ethical approach to managing and sustaining the delicate balance of economic, environmental and social responsibilities inherent in our activities.

Our promise is to keep stakeholders and employees informed of our objectives, activities and campaigns. What’s more, deugro encourages open communication and is sincerely interested in the ideas, questions and concerns of our stakeholders and employees.


QHSES aspects of operations are an integral part of how we perform our business. We think before we act. Our activities are planned, organized and performed in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner from the management top down to the employees.

deugro Minds. Safety Matters.

deugro management’s commitment to QHSES extends to our processes in such a way that enables us to constantly provide high-quality performance to our clients. We are dedicated to maintaining the environment in which we work and to providing a safe, secure and healthy workplace for our employees and all stakeholders involved in our projects. Business partners are expected to adhere to this commitment.

It is our goal to raise QHSES performance across all levels, and our expectation to continuously improve the safety of our operations. It is our duty to set objectives that do not compromise health, safety, the environment and security. QHSES is integrated from the very beginning into the design phase of each project and continues all the way through to execution.

The deugro group’s Life-Saving Rules are the minimum requirements for personal safety. They are key controls with which the workforce and subcontractors must comply whenever they take part in our operations.