deugro Launches Sustainable Energy Division to Design New and Future-Proof Logistics Solutions

deugro has launched a new Sustainable Energy division, providing a dedicated global team to lead deugro’s long-term investment and commitment in delivering innovative logistics solutions to support the global energy transition. 

Worldwide energy demand continues to increase, and the use of sustainable energies is vitally important in this drive towards a global carbon neutral future. deugro has long-standing expertise in sustainable industries and is supporting the strategic transition to low-carbon energy delivery. deugro are committed in their offering of specialist logistics solutions for all sustainable energy projects to contribute towards achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement to become net carbon zero by 2050.

deugro’s commitment is realized in the creation of the Sustainable Energy division, a global team of subject matter experts, with a dedicated and clear remit to actively support partners in designing and delivering innovative logistics solutions across all new and existing sustainable energy industries. These include biomass, carbon capture, energy from waste, geothermal, hydrogen, on- and off-shore wind, solar, and wave and tidal developments.

The new deugro Sustainably Energy division provides leadership in business development, supply chain engagement, technical & innovative R&D, supported by operational experience to address industry challenges to ensure bankability of the industry’s project pipeline. This organic step enables deugro’s long-term investment and commitment in providing industry leading services across all sustainable energy technologies and industries. 

“deugro already has an impressive track record in providing award winning solutions to the renewable energy industry, and we are continuously looking at new ways to leverage our wealth of experience to provide assurance and drive maturity within the sustainable energy supply chain. We are committed to supporting the energy transition, and also designing new and future-proof technical logistics solutions across the diverse industries that sustainable energy covers,” said Daniel Cogbill, Global Head of Sustainable Energy, deugro. 

“This is a very exciting development for deugro and with the commitment in the Sustainable Energy team, we are immediately able to provide solutions to clients supply chain and logistics challenges. While our investment into long-term collaborative developments and strategic partnerships; up and down the supply chain; will be paramount to creating new ways of working. The global energy transition landscape is developing rapidly and in need of the technical skills, specialist assets and the wealth of experience we can provide. With decades of success, global competency, and a future-proof philosophy, we will drive innovation and continue to move the needle in global supply chain and logistics excellence,” added Tim Killen, Chief Sales Officer, deugro.