deugro Wins in Three Categories at This Year’s HLPFI Awards

At this year’s HLPFI Awards, deugro wins in the categories “Project Logistics Provider of the Year”, “Project of the Year” and “Airfreight Solution of the Year.”

The Heavy Lift Awards honor the achievements of the project cargo supply chain, showcasing the work of the project logistics industry—from the operational execution and the engineering efforts behind the impressive moves and lifts, to the work that puts training and safety at the forefront of the sector.

The Heavy Lift Awards are presented by Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International (HLPFI), one of the leading publications for professionals involved in the logistics of oversized and heavy lift cargo. First published in 2007, it is written by an international team of award-winning journalists and delivers information about the worldwide movement of heavy lift cargo across the complete range of transportation modes.

The award in the category “Project of the Year” was given to deugro for its outstanding performance in the safe and successful transportation of 35,541 freight tons of cargo—simultaneously on two fully chartered vessels for the Irkutsk Polymer Plant Project—from Masan, South Korea via Tiksi in the Arctic Ocean to Ust-Kut, Russia. The cargo contained 45 oversized and heavy lift (OSHL) pieces, including a 597-metric-ton reactor with a length of 44.5 meters and an 81.93-meter-long ethylene fractionator weighing 357 metric tons. The total distance from Masan to Tiksi, and the subsequent barge transport across the Lena River to Ust-Kut, was over 6,450 nautical miles and included a variety of challenges that were successfully overcome. 

“Teamwork between our offices in Japan & Russia and the full support of the client, project owner and all subcontractors made this great project an operational and HSE success even during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we feel honoured to receive this important award for this project,” said Simon Wasum, Executive Vice President, deugro group.

With the “Airfreight Solution of the Year” award, deugro was honored for its operational performance and out-of-the-box thinking that significantly reduced costs and enabled a complex and time-critical air charter transport of a generator circuit breaker unit, with dimensions of 6.22 x 2.85 x 3.20 meters and a weight of about 10 metric tons, from Rekingen, Switzerland, to a nuclear plant near Southport, North Carolina, USA at short notice.

“We are proud that the jury highlighted the complexity of this air freight project and deugro’s commitment to detailed planning in combination with flexible solutions—especially needed during COVID-19 times,” said Pavel Kuznetsov, Head of Air Chartering, deugro.

Furthermore, deugro received the “Project Logistics Provider of the Year” award, which evaluates companies as a whole. This award not only considers the outstanding performance and efforts of companies to further develop their services in order to adapt to new market opportunities, challenges and client demands. It also considers a deep understanding of clients and their requirements, a thoughtful approach to safety and environmental issues within the organization, advanced IT systems, and a solid hiring and training program.

“In addition to the “Project of the Year” and “Airfreight Solution of the Year” awards, which relate to our core services, we are particularly pleased to receive this award because it reflects the success our company has been able to achieve as a whole, which is down to the support, dedication and passion of each and every deugro employee, all of whom have contribute significantly to the company’s success,” said Tim Killen, Executive Vice President, deugro group.