deugro Delivers Main Equipment Successfully to EGAT Site in Poland

The deugro Korea team was busy shipping the main equipment from various countries of origin to Poland on behalf of our esteemed client Hyundai Engineering Co. Ltd. We previously published a news about the first part of the project here.

During a period of six weeks, from the end of January to the beginning of March 2021, our dedicated project teams from deugro Korea and dteq, a company of the deugro group, discharged the main equipment from heavy lift vessels MV Pietersgracht and MV Jumbo Jubilee at Port Morski, Poland onto barges and MV Aura.

The main equipment was then shipped five kilometers to the Barkowy jetty, for roll-off operations and delivery to the EGAT job site by our partner Mammoet.

Part of the main equipment included one reactor of 596 metric tons and measuring 4437 x 993 x 985 centimeters and one propylene propane splitter of a single weight of 889 metric tons and with impressive dimensions of 9600 x 935 x 890 centimeters. For the PP splitter, 64 axle lines were used and the local 110-kilovolt power lines had to be shut down during the night-time transport to the site.

During these multiple operations, our teams and partners experienced temperatures down to 17°C, heavy snow fall, ice and strong winds—but we can proudly say that all pieces were delivered successfully and safely to the job site.

MV Aura, with our partner Best Logistics, was also utilized on five voyages, shipping a total of five propylene storage bullets, each weighing 613 metric tons and measuring 7213 x 890 x 1113 centimeters, from the Port of Gdynia, Poland to the Barkowy jetty for roll-off operations and delivery to the EGAT job site.

In total, 294 pieces, or 67,800 FRT or 7,156 metric tons, of equipment were transported in this short period of time!

The project will continue until the end of 2021, with more important equipment to be shipped, but the heaviest and longest equipment has already been delivered.

We would like to thank all our partners for their cooperation and teamwork.