Steve Drugan wins Lifetime Achievement Award at Heavy Lift Awards 2019

During the gala awards event on October 15, 2019 in Antwerp, Belgium, Steve Drugan, Senior Vice President – Sales and Business Development, was honored for his outstanding achievements. He has made a long-lasting impact on the industry with the countless jobs and projects he has been involved in all over the world. 

Having started at Sea Land Service, Inc. in 1975 as Sales Manager, Steve subsequently spent one year at Commerce & Transport, Inc. and then 29 years at Panalpina/Panprojects, before these last nine years at deugro. These few stations in his career demonstrate his impressive, loyal character. 

His work clearly demonstrates that he is one of the most professional individuals in the sales and business development fields of the logistics industry. deugro’s sales approach, to be fully informed about the client’s activities and potential projects in advance, is not only lived by Steve but also exceeded, and is one of the reasons why he has gained an almost legendary status within deugro.

The work before a client visit is, however, eclipsed by the diligence and meticulous work Steve puts into his simple strategy for success after he visits a client: The sharing of information. He rightly believes that only if a company continues to work on the sales lead as a team, will it lead to success. 

Some within deugro have been so impressed with Steve’s method that they have used his fabled approach and selfless distribution thereof as a model to train people to this standard. Aspiring individuals at deugro have often heard the statement: “Look at this example from Steve—it shows a true leader and is the level to strive for!”